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Hi! I'm Bec Hill! You might remember me from...


With Edinburgh Fringe just around the corner, I thought now would be a better time than any to remind you where you may have heard my name before. So:

Hi! I’m Bec Hill. You might remember me from…

…such cartoons as:

I have another Tumblr just dedicated to my doodles called “My Life as a Stickperson”. This baby has been doing the rounds on various websites, but as I didn’t expect it to be shared across the internet uncredited, I stupidly didn’t put my full name on it when I originally signed it. So if you see this on anyone’s Facebook wall, feel free to say, “Hey! I know who did this!” (You can tell them we’re friends if it makes you look cooler.)

See more of my cartoons here:

…such YouTube videos as:

My Rejected Audition for a Tampon Ad

I wrote this for an audition for a tampon ad. The agency loved it, but the company didn’t want it. Joke’s on them, because it went viral.


Jay Foreman and I had a lot of fun storyboarding this and hopefully it shows in the finished result!

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…such tweets as:

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…such shows as:
These are the 2 shows I’m taking to the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe. You can buy tickets for my solo show here: and to Pun Run here:

Of course, there are other ways you may have heard of me. Or you may not have ever heard of me at all! (Most likely the latter.) But if you’re interested in perhaps seeing what else I get up to, please visit my website:, or pop me a message on Facebook:

Hopefully you won’t end up remembering me from such blogs as, “that one where I just bragged about various things I do”.

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